Magento 2 Migration service with Inchoo

Magento 2 Certified Partner BadgeWe’ve been in the eCommerce business since 2008. Ever since, we are passionately dedicated to building fast, stable and scalable eCommerce solutions. We made it our mission to build them in a way which ensures technical excellence but also makes sure online shopping is easy and enjoyable for the end user.

Magento 2 has been live since December 2015 and many merchants are still considering whether or not should they take the leap. Many still hesitate and, even though we were previously also very cautious about recommending the move (mainly because of the early issues Magento 2 versions had), now is the time to plan it! We’re already working almost exclusively on new Magento 2 websites.

With support for Magento 1 ending in June 2020, the options are scarce if you plan to keep using many custom features and the most robust eCommerce platform of the all commerce platforms out there. We can help you plan and deliver the migration, and we have done so for several clients already.

You can check out the following case studies to see how we used our Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration services in which we improved store results in the process.

Case studies of Magento 1 to Magento 2 migrations by Inchoo

  • Europa 92 (fashion retailer, B2C)
  • MDI WorldWide (custom display solutions, B2B)
  • Sloan Express (agricultural parts distribution, B2B)
  • these are a few of the clients we moved to M2, more case studies are in the works

Here are some of the pros of Magento 2

  1. Magento 2 is a technology platform that scales and evolves when you want it to! Its modern and modular architecture ensures faster page load time, faster add-to-cart server response time and faster end-to-end checkout time.
  2. Due to advanced cache handling (especially since 2.2), Magento provides more pleasant experience for customers in terms of speed – and faster site speed encourages more sales and increases websites SEO. That also means it can better handle more catalog pages (10 million catalog page views per hour vs 500 000 on Magento 1.x!) which makes it a great fit for large stores and anyone interested in evolving to one!
  3. User-friendly checkout will make it easier for your customers to complete their orders. This new checkout also requires less steps and enables creating new account in one click – which is sure to encourage repeat customers.
  4. Better API support – compared to Magento 1, it has better API support, making integrations with outside business systems easier. Because of this, we are approaching the time when merchants will be able to set up a true headless architecture on Magento 2 (see point 6).
  5. Magento 2 comes out of the box with PHP 7, Varnish, Redis, modern JS Stack, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, PHPUnit, Composer and many more. This means it uses the cutting edge technology to make your customers experience as smooth as possible
  6. PWA (Progressive Web Applications)! If you don’t know much about this latest approach to frontend layouts, please check out some of our recent articles on this topic. PWAs are the future of eCommerce, and Magento 2, especially since its 2.3.1 version and PWA Studio rollout, is allowing merchants to use the latest technology to create amazing experiences for their customers. And we have a demo ready to showcase what can be done with it.

Reasons why you should plan your migration to Magento 2 carefully

  1. It is very likely you have a lot of custom code (or at least a number of 3rd party extensions) on your Magento 1 installation. When planning a move to Magento 2, you will not be able to simply re-use what you currently have. Many extensions have become obsolete in the meantime and some authors haven’t made the Magento 2 compatible versions. Some of these extension authors have even gone out of business in the meantime. But in many cases, you will no longer need some of the customizations because Magento 2 already has those things covered out of the box. Alternatively, we can plan any additional workflows together and help you either select a viable and tested M2 extension, or custom code a specific solution for you.
  2. You should consider the migration as a completely new project and leave some of the old practices behind. This is also a great opportunity to improve your overall UX, and you should treat it as such. This is where our design team can help you! With some of our recent work for a German running equipment retailer and a Croatian multibrand fashion retailer you can see how we approach the (re)design process for our eCommerce clients and what results they can expect! So, keep an open mind to improving across the board, and not merely “upgrading” or “migrating”.

This is why you need us to handle these challenges! A team of dedicated Magento 2 developers trained to handle your every request.

With this said, we think that Magento 2 is still the best option for many eCommerce businesses.

Get in touch with us with your requirements and let’s plan your migration to M2 together!

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration cost

What does it cost to make the move to Magento 2? This is one of the most common questions merchants ask, and you will hear and see figures ranging from several thousands of dollars/euros to several hundreds of thousands. And the answer is, as usual, it depends.

It depends on your business, its complexities, features and workflows you would like to introduce, integrations with outside systems, etc.

However, a more important question is this one – what will the migration bring to you as a business owner or an eCommerce manager? With our process, we ensure that the focus is not on the costs, but on the ROI.

To give you a better estimate of Magento 2 upgrade service cost, we would like to understand your business and, more importantly, your business goals.

We will also take a look at your current website to see what can be improved and what is handled differently in Magento 2. This is all an integral part of our planning process that will be done by our Magento developers, UX/UI experts, and Analytics specialists.
11+ years of experience
And with over 11 years of experience in eCommerce development we are bringing to the table – you will be in good hands.

It’s important to remember one thing no matter how we look at it. You should certainly plan your budget for this project, as it is essentially a new website build. However, with our guidance, we can make sure that your budget allocation is done in a way that will optimize the return on your investment.

If there is a specific feature request, we make sure that it will add value to your customers and your bottom line, otherwise – it will get pushed to phase 2.

While we can’t guarantee a low-cost solution (you can, and will get those kinds of promises all over the place), we can guarantee that we will guide you throughout this process and add value every step of the way.

Let us put our knowledge and experience with Magento 2 migration projects to use and help you grow your business further.